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And it’s a habit that some culinary students carry with them even when they’re not in the kitchen. “You mise-en-place your life. You set up your books for class, you set up your chef whites, your shoes are shined, you know everything that you need every step of the day,”
For A More Ordered Life, Organize Like a Chef
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they say distance means so little
when someone means so much
because when the touch of a nose
turns into a kiss,
and every time you shower
you take turns standing under the water
pretending it’s rain
connecting your bodies with pure bliss,
when fucking turns into loving,
and crying to laughing,
when time stops
every time you’re with them
and the world continuously spins
as you are lost in your own
dimension of time,
you realize
that this whole time
you’ve been falling,
falling into someone else’s world
into their space and time
falling while no one is there to catch you
in the end
people are not
who you build them up to be
when you love the city
and they love the sea,
(wouldn’t san francisco be the perfect place to be?)
while you are caught up
in your own mind
as the gaping distance between
you and your lover grows
and you finally see
that they are not
who you envisioned them as
and distance really means so much
when you know so little
about the person you love
long distance is the smallest bound  (via lnkedwords)

(via sunnystrong)